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Young Men Download here

A dance work inspired by war and the soldiers who fight. Performed by BalletBoyz, choreographed by Iván Pérez with music by Keaton Henson.

BalletBoyz TheTalent 2013 Download here

Recorded at Sadlers Well’s Theatre London during their hugely successful spring tour, it features Liam Scarlett’s work Serpent ,and Russell Maliphant’s Fallen with music by Max Richter and Armand Amar.

BalletBoyz TheTalent 2012 Download here

the TALENT 2012 download is now available. Recorded on tour it features Russell Maliphant’s TORSION, Paul Robert’s ALPHA with haunting music by Keaton Henson and for the first time on DVD, Jarek Cemerek’s VOID


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