BalletBoyz’ education work seeks to nurture participants, regardless of ability, and develop self-confidence and trust whilst promoting a wider understanding and appreciation of dance. BalletBoyz develop sustainable partnerships with schools, colleges, community groups and arts organisations for longer-term benefits and to expand access to BalletBoyz performances.


“Thank you so so so much because I used to think that ballet was really girly and it’s definitely inspired me!”

“Thank you for coming. I now want to maybe be a ballet dancer when I am older. Hope you had fun teaching us.”
“I loved all the dances you taught us, especially the wave dance and I now know ballet is also for boys. Have you ever thought of going on Britain’s got Talent?”


Workshops and Residencies

Following the Autumn 2016 tour of Life BalletBoyz will be offering workshops led by Company dancer’s on 11, 14, 27 October, 8-11 November.

To book a workshop, schools/colleges/Uni’s need be a MoovBank subscriber as all BalletBoyz workshops are based on and related to this content.  MoovBank is packed full of KS2, KS3 and KS4 lessons, warm-ups, tutorials, stage productions, interviews and BalletBoyz’ TV and film archive.  Having this valuable resource prepares your students for a workshop with BalletBoyz and offers a legacy of professional content that can be used to deliver high quality lessons by non-specialist and specialist teachers alike.

We are running an exclusive Autumn term offer, book a workshop and get your MoovBank subscription half-price at £50 + VAT for a year’s worth of content instead of £100 + VAT!
Prices as follows:

Up to 3hrs: £200 + £50 MoovBank subscription = £250 + VAT

Full day:
6hr workshop: £350 + £50 MoovBank subscription = £400 + VAT

Workshops will be available on a first come, first served basis.

To book a workshop or residency, please complete the workshop registration form or contact. Travel and accommodation costs incurred are additional.

Please note: due to the company’s international and UK touring schedules, bookings are subject to availability.

MoovBank has launched!


We are delighted to announce the launch of, the home of high-quality digital teaching materials for dance, drama and PE teachers.

Filmed in the studio with BalletBoyz dancers, lessons offer clear, detailed breakdowns of each movement task plus demos, teaching tips and inspiration clips.  Each lesson is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan with learning outcomes, cross-curricula links and suggestions for differentiation; all designed to make planning and delivery simple and straight forward!

Selected KS2 and KS3 lessons and warm-ups are available for FREE. For £10 per month (payable in one instalment of £100 + VAT) full access to premium content is available. This includes choreographic guidance and advice for BTEC, GCSE and A Level students, stage performances, interviews with choreographers, tutorials and masterclasses with the Company plus a schedule of live streamed events from BalletBoyz’ Kingston studio including Company class with the dancers, studio rehearsals and teacher CPD opportunities.

Browse the site and register for FREE today!

Masterclasses and Residencies


Led by dancers from the company, BalletBoyz Masterclasses and residencies provide an opportunity to explore the company’s diverse and eclectic repertoire with a specific focus on momentum, dynamics and contact work. Sessions include a company style warm up and technical class in addition to choreographic tasks inspired by BalletBoyz creative approach to making movement.

Masterclasses typically take place during school holidays at BalletBoyz’ studio base in Kingston and will be advertised on our website.

Arts Award Supporter

As an Arts Award Supporter BalletBoyz offers practical and digital content that can help young people complete different sections of their Arts Award. Workshops, residencies and Masterclasses offer a chance to ‘take part’ whilst our live and digital performance work can contribute towards ‘experiencing dance as an audience member’. Our online archive of films, behind the scenes footage and documentaries also offer an opportunity to find out more about the work and creative process of professional artists and choreographers.

To find out more about how BalletBoyz can support your Arts Award Journey, contact



BalletBoyz Partnerships

BalletBoyz are delighted to work in partnership with organisations that help us offer a broad and varied range of activity for children, young people and adults.

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