Marc Galvez

Born in 1991 in Valence, France, Marc began his training at the age of 9. In 2006, he entered the Paris Conservatoire’s 5 year contemporary course where he had the opportunity to work with Yuval Pick, Yuha Pekka Marsalo, Thomas Lebrun and Emmanuel Gatt. After graduating, he joined the CCN– Ballet de Lorraine in July 2011 and participated in creations with different choreographers such as Faustin Linyekula, Mathilde Monnier, Maria LaRibot, Ingun Børnsgaard and Gisèle Vienne, and performed pieces by Twyla Tharp, Paolo Ribeiro and Tero Saarinen. Marc joined BalletBoyz in September 2013 and this is his fifth season with the company.

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