Our Work

BalletBoyz is an internationally celebrated dance and film production company, founded by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt in 2000. The company aims to promote excellence in dance through live performance, film, and participation, sharing our creations with the widest possible audience across the UK and internationally. 

Past stage productions include theTALENT, Life., Fourteen Days, Them/Us and Deluxe, and film production includes over 40 short films for the Channel 4 Random Acts strand, as well as the award-winning feature film Young Men. You can find out more about our past productions here.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, our touring as been halted indefinitely until we can safely share our work with audiences in theatres again. In the meantime, we are directing and focusing our resources on digital projects and ideas, aided by the recent Culture Recovery Fund awarded to us by Arts Council England. With several works in development, including a feature film, a series of short films, and documentaries, we are looking forward to sharing new creations with our global audiences in the coming months. 

On the 1-year anniversary of our last live performance, here is our short film Gatherings Will Be Dispersed

When COVID struck in March last year, our nationwide tour was cut short and our dancers were unable to continue performing. They barely had a chance to say goodbye to each other, and weren’t even able to come to the studio to collect their belongings, marking a brutal and very abrupt ending to their long-term relationships with the company. 
We desperately wanted to give them an opportunity to dance together once last time, to be able to say their goodbyes and give one final performance for the company. We imagined a scenario in which they could get together in the studio again, even if it had to be done in a virtual way, with each dancer having to perform in isolation in front of a green screen before they could then be placed together digitally in the studio. 
As well as our 6 dancers, the film features plants, trees, and bushes which slowly appear as the dance takes place - nature taking over as time passes by and the studio remains empty. 

Surreal and poignant, Gatherings Will Be Dispersed is bittersweet and we hope it will resonate with artists of all disciplines. It is dedicated to our company of dancers with whom we sadly had to part ways with last year. 

With an original score by Dani and Keaton Henson and animation by Lucas Boutrot.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the arts sector in the UK. Just by watching, sharing and interacting with our content, you will be making a massive difference in helping us support our freelancers and artists. If you can spare a small donation as well, we would value it immensely.

Enjoy some of our past content, including short films, full-length stage productions, and online educational content below!