The founders of BalletBoyz, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, danced with the Royal Ballet for 12 years before creating the world-renowned company K Ballet. They toured Japan for several years to both popular and critical acclaim alongside some of the best male dancers of their time; Gary Avis, Matthew Dibble, Stuart Cassidy and Tetsuya Kumakawa.

Following Nunn and Trevitt’s return to the UK in 2000, they co-founded BalletBoyz. For ten years the company performed around the world and won numerous awards and accolades working with leading dancers, choreographers and designers, including the likes of Russell Maliphant, William Forsythe and Sylvie Guillem. 

In 2010 eight young male dancers were selected from a variety of backgrounds. The dancers were coached and mentored to create a company of first-class contemporary ballet performers. Now in its eighteenth year, the company has expanded to ten dancers and regularly tours both nationally and internationally. In 2013 BalletBoyz won the National Dance Award for Best Independent Company. 

BalletBoyz continue to inspire, educate and showcase dance in the best possible ways, touring the world to bring their creations to as wide an audience as possible. In 2018 they have already been to Florida and Italy and have just completed their UK tour. In August they are heading to China for 3 weeks of performances and workshops.

A selection of their wide variety of repertoire is available to view below, as well as their current company members.

Fourteen Days

Further Material

Fourteen Days Trailer

Serpent/Fallen Trailer

Life. Trailer

Young Men Trailer