Help us raise £10k for Dance Together 2018

At BalletBoyz, we believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy dancing.

Dance Together is a special partnership between BalletBoyz and Strathmore School – our local school for students with complex learning difficulties. We want to continue and build on this project in 2018 and are 10k short of being able to do that. Please help us by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign. DONATE NOW

About Dance Together

For two years, our dancers have been visiting Strathmore School to dance with the students. It was clear from our first collaboration in 2016 that everyone had a lot of fun, and research also highlights that dancing with our company has increased the students’ independence, confidence and well-being.

Given the difference we can make, we’re determined to continue and expand our partnership. Our goal is for it to be a permanent one. Imagine the impact we could have if dance and dancing with our company was an integral part of a Strathmore student’s educational experience for all of their years at the school, and if dancing with Strathmore students was an integral part of being a BalletBoy?

How can you help?

Dance Together will cost us just under £40k to run in 2018. We’ve already raised £20k towards this and are looking to raise a further £10k from local charities leaving us with just £10k to raise through this campaign. So anything you could give, big or small would be great. You can watch a short film about the project, find out more and donate here. Thank you!

Read what some of the students, parents, and teachers have to say about Dance Together:

“I’d do it again because I loved it. Harry is my partner.” – Strathmore student

“He has interest in something that didn’t interest him before – dance! As my son is generally limited in his interests, any broadening of what he likes is fantastic.” – Parent of Strathmore student

“Developing the independence and the ability to work with new people without really familiar faces around and listening to instructions from people they’ve not really worked with before – I think that is really valuable for them.” – Helen, Strathmore Teaching Assistant

“All the BalletBoyz seem to have a talent for finding just the right way of communicating with our students. May that be with words, or without words just through movement.. all the students were met exactly where they were and then challenged, gently to come out of themselves and to be part of this project, and they all have been part.” – Ivonne, Stathmore Assistant Headteacher

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