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At BalletBoyz, we believe that dance can and should be made accessible to everyone.


In the past, we have offered local, regional and national creative learning programmes, classes, workshops, inclusive dance and bespoke schools projects, dance for people with Parkinson’s and a Youth Company.


No matter who you are, you can take part and dance with us.

Dance Classes Kingston

Parkinson's CAN Dance

Our Parkinson's CAN Dance classes provide opportunities for people with Parkinson's to enjoy dance and live music in a supportive and creative environment.

You can also enjoy our classes from home by using our online resource on


Read about projects we undertake in our local schools and community.

MoovBank is an online learning platform featuring video dance lessons and tutorials led by the BalletBoyz  and downloadable lesson plans. Sign up now for free!

View our online resource at


Arts Award

BalletBoyz is a registered Arts Award Supporter


BalletBoyz workshops and masterclasses can help students to achieve their Arts Award, from Discover to Silver level, or support schools in achieving its Artsmark.

BalletBoyz activities contribute to the following Arts Award areas:


  • Taking part in art activities

  • Offers opportunities to extend arts practice through experimentation and sharing

  • Supports young people to attend live performances

  • Research into an arts organisation through meeting professional artists, and exploring career paths

  • Reflection and sharing of work

Our free online resource, MoovBank, offers content that can help to complete sections of their Arts Award digitally, at all five levels:

  • Digital lessons for students offer people the chance to take part in arts activities and learn from professionals (Part A of Discover, Explore and Bronze). Lessons require students to pair up and teach phrases, with tips on leadership and how to teach peers (Bronze Part D).

  • Creative tasks are adaptable for any ability, which makes taking part great fun! (Part A of Discover, Explore and Bronze)

  • Access to watch full-length productions helps to experience dance as an audience, and develops creative and critical abilities (Bronze Part B, Silver Unit 1 Part C, Gold Unit 1 Part C)

  • Live events from BalletBoyz studios provide chances to interact with dancers and watch rehearsals live (Bronze Part B, Silver Unit 1 Part D, Gold Unit 1 Parts B & C)

  • Behind-the-scenes films enable people to find out more about life in a dance company - both on and off stage (Discover Part C, Explore Part B, Bronze Part C, Silver Unit 1 Part D, Gold Unit 1 Parts B & C)

  • Interviews with dancers and choreographers, offers chances to hear from experts and discover the artistic process of creating pieces (Discover Part A, Explore Part B, Bronze Part C, Silver Unit 1 Part D, Gold Unit 1 Parts B & C)

  • MoovBank also features downloadable lesson plans which are key stage specific with cross-curricular links

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