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Short Films

Gatherings Will Be Dispersed

Our short film Gatherings Will Be Dispersed marked the one year anniversary of the global pandemic.

When COVID struck in March 2020, our nationwide tour was cut short and our dancers were unable to continue performing. They barely had a chance to say goodbye to each other, and weren’t even able to come to the studio to collect their belongings, marking a brutal and very abrupt ending to their long-term relationships with the company. 
We desperately wanted to give them an opportunity to dance together once last time, to be able to say their goodbyes and give one final performance for the company. We imagined a scenario in which they could get together in the studio again, even if it had to be done in a virtual way, with each dancer having to perform in isolation in front of a green screen before they could then be placed together digitally in the studio. 
As well as our 6 dancers, the film features plants, trees, and bushes which slowly appear as the dance takes place - nature taking over as time passes by and the studio remains empty. 

Surreal and poignant, Gatherings Will Be Dispersed is bittersweet and we hope it will resonate with artists of all disciplines. It is dedicated to our company of dancers with whom we sadly had to part ways with. 

With an original score by Dani and Keaton Henson and animation by Lucas Boutrot.


Directed and produced by Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, Yes features our former dancer Matthew Sandiford and a young man called Andre. Andre was a student at our local school for children and young people with special education needs, Strathmore School. Andre and Matthew struck up a very interesting relationship with each other during our annual education programme at the school, Dance Together, and formed a very strong bond through movement. We wanted to capture this relationship and Andre’s passion for dance and so decided to make a short film with him. Paired with choreography by Joel O’Donoghue and a brand-new score by award-winning composer and artist Cassie Kinoshi, Andre and Matthew perform a duet with a heightened intensity and an arresting purity, showing a unique collaboration between professional and amateur.

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